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Welcome to United Christian Assembly !!! the Pastor   and Founder of this Church , is Brother Michael david Johnson who was born  June 27th, in 1949,was raised a Catholic, Was saved ,born again and Baptized in a Southern baptist church, but is now a Non-Denominational  Minister, and has Six other Brothers who all Served as Alter Boys growing up, Except Michael,who Heard Gods call in His Life and Finally obeys that call to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to warn all who will listen, that time is running out, and it is Very Important to get right with God Now, as we See the One World Religion coming on the Scene, the Pope stepping down, and  Apostasy in the Church. the Clock is beginning to Tick even Faster as We Witness the soon return of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The Goal  of this Church,and Pastor, is to get People to come to Christ Through the Message of the Cross, and Minister To Those Who Have Lost Their Way, and To Help Them Find Jesus Again.This is a Non-Denominatioal Ministry, a Free Church of Jesus Christ, and All are Welcomed.The Message is Jesus and Him Crucified, There is no other Name given Among Men whereby We must be Saved. Jesus Has Risen,and  Presently is seated at the Right Hand of God Interceding on Our Behalf.May God open our Ears to Hear the Message of the Cross in Jesus Name. Brother Michael Does ask for many Prayers, Because of the Opposition that he Faces, The Message of the Cross is Offensive to many, Not just Muslims,  He Needs to be lifted up in Prayer. Many People do not Know, that Many Ministers are leaving the Ministry, because they are not getting any Encouragement from other Believers. the one report I Heard on a Christian Program is Alot of Preachers Every month leave the Ministry, because of Oppositon,and Arguments, among Believers, in the Church.Think about this, and Pray that God will give His Ministers and His People of Faith, the strength  to take a stand for Jesus.   Our Email Address is www.Brothermichael@unitedchristianassembly.org
here is a video you can click on to watch,about repentance.
Ordained Minister Of  God ,certified in Biblical Studies, Pastoral Ministry, and is a member of the National Association of Christian Ministers , This is a free Church of Jesus Christ, this church is "United Christian Assembly" and the Pastor of this Church assembly is : Brother  Michael D Johnson.
http://www.kosmetikstudio-hamburg.net/wellness-hamburg Gesund und einfach
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